Become an HRT Educator!

Be Part of the Solution!

Do you dream of helping other women to manage their own peri and post menopausal health?

At Menopausal Not Mad we remove the fear and confusion around HRT and menopause, with up to date information and HRT guidance.

I'll be honest! ... We really know our stuff! and always deliver top quality and safe, evidence based HRT advice.

And now you have the opportunity to learn how to do what we do and to help more women become hormonally balanced and anxiety free! .. or low libido free, or erratic mood free or.... well you know the score

The role of an HRT educator is transformational in helping women with their hormone health.

Taking this programme is a commitment to your future as an HRT educator which will look different for everyone but whatever your reason for wanting to help others with their hormones... you're in the right place now.

At Menopausal Not Mad we value integrity and honesty and we ALWAYS strive to offer the most accurate HRT guidance to our clients and community... so that's what we teach.

We REALLY like things to be simple and always aim to go over and above expectations.

What's Included in the Programme?

Live group teaching sessions via Zoom every week for the first 12 weeks of the programme.

Access to unique content and up to date information in the form of: modules, workbooks, videos, live calls, planners and numerous bonus resources.

CPD accredited certification and verification following successful completion
of all modules and assessments

Tips and guidance on setting up your support service.

Free membership to the guided online community for the 6 months following your live teaching, to share your thoughts and questions with your associates and to receive live guidance from us.

Free lifetime access to your individual online membership portal to access your ongoing resources

Opportunity to become a licensed MNM HRT Educator

*If you wish to work as an MNM Associate educator you will need to purchase an annual licence to continue to trade under our brand

and receive brand support.

You will also need to attend an annual online update training event.

The licence fee for 2024 is: £1794 inc VAT which is payable at the end of the 9 month programme period

(If you prefer not to work under the brand this is perfectly fine and your programme certification is still valid)

The online training event will be appropriate for your CPD and will cost £996 inc VAT but you will receive 20% discounted access to the 2024 update training (February 2025) when you sign up this time (a saving of £199.20)

Payment in Full


UK VAT included

Payment in 4 Instalments

4 monthly payments of £525 Total £2,100

UK VAT included

Payment in 9 Instalments

9 monthly payments of £245 Total £2,205

UK VAT included


When does the next programme start?

Tuesday 6th February 2024

Are the live sessions available on replay?

Absolutely they are!

How long do I have to complete the programme?

This is a 9 month programme but all live work will be complete by the 12 week stage. You can take as long as you need to be able to digest the resources and you have the group and our support and ongoing input for 6 months after the live 12 weeks.The live sessions will be available to watch on replay.

Am I eligible to take the programme?

You should meet the following criteria:

  • You are passionate about HRT and menopause

  • You are serious about delivering support 

  • You have had experience of how HRT helps peri & post menopausal women

  • You are totally pro HRT (this does not exclude other lifestyle options and supplements but HRT is the main focus of the programme)

  • You are comfortable working online and have access to a computer and Zoom

Please note that the programme is not suitable for someone who is brand new to HRT, although we will go through the basics in brief. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please email us on

How much will it cost?

When you pay in full the cost is £1,860 (inc UK vat).

If you prefer to pay in instalments you will pay in either 4 or 9 monthly payments. (see the details below)

What happens if I change my mind after booking?

If you decide not to go ahead up to one month before the programme start date, you will receive a refund, minus our admin fees of 5% of the total paid.

After this time there is a no refund policy as this is not a subscription but the purchase of a full programme.

Please see our booking terms on the button below.

Your Extra Questions Answered

*Please note that you are not guaranteed associate work on completion.

We are here to help you but you will need to commit to working hard and taking responsibility for your business.

*Annual updates/assessments and verification are required if you wish to associate your work with Menopausal Not Mad and programme completion is not a guarantee of association with Menopausal Not Mad