Your Wellness Mastermind in Tenerife


You're looking for more...

MORE expert menopause and HRT guidance

MORE opportunity to ask questions

MORE face to face connection

Just MORE!

The Wellness Mastermind is where we connect in real life alongside other women all looking to step into their wellness.

The day includes your access to my world, your exclusive mastermind workbook, lunch prepared by a local chef and some lovely bonuses to help you to stay on track.

We'll end the day with beautiful cocktails on the terrace.

If you're ready to take your wellness to the next level, with lovely peer support, expert guidance and plenty of laughs, then let's get together in the sun.

Join me!

You'll love it!

*Only 8 places available!

You have the choice to pay in full or in 2 instalments and the doors close for this exclusive event on 31st May 2024.


Your Day:

On the day of the Mastermind you'll arrive at 10am where you'll meet your fellow attendees over a cuppa and some biccies! (possibly some cake if you're good!) then we'll get straight on with the job in hand.

The day will start with a brief introduction to menopause then we'll chat about HRT, including practical guidance on effectively managing your regulated HRT.

You'll be interacting with me and the group throughout.

As the day progresses, I'll be sharing knowledge gained from over 30 years as a Professional Nutritionist and a Menopause and HRT expert, to help you positively impact your nutrition, mindset and menopause.

After lunch we'll be working on your wellness roadmap using my unique trademarked P.A.S.T system.

P.A.S.T covers the 4 key building blocks to get you on track:

Patience – Action – Support – Time

It offers a perfect blend of expert coaching, support and long term action planning, which will be your map to wellbeing, future health and happiness, to make sure you have a plan in place when you get home.

The Mastermind ends at 4pm, with a trip up to the top terrace to enjoy cocktails and early evening sun before close of day at 5pm.


You'll be treated to some free health downloads after you get home and a follow up call with me within a month of the event...Just to make sure you action your wellness plan.

If you have any questions please email:

My no nonsense approach to helping you take control of your health as you develop and curate your life for your peri and post menopausal years, is all offered with a kind heart and a reassuring arm around your shoulders and we will get the job done!

It's how I roll and you're welcome to be part of it.